Monday, June 28, 2010

H2 ooohhhh

Oh, so good on a hot day - 107 degress hot. Pool time!

There's a smile in there somewhere

Moommmm, it's fine. Let's go!


I'm done!

Sonoma stalking her prey


Returning with the catch

Plus we found a new gardener! Who knew it was so much fun to play with the hose? Okay everyone knew, but it's always fun to find out for the first time.

A little over here...

A little over there...

And now we can't get it away from him. Well, we can, but not without a fight. Ooo, maybe he will be like this with his chores...What do you think?

Hey, Nathan, you missed a spot

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who's On First? (updated with bonus Allyson picture)

Well that would be Nathan. On his first baseball game, that is. Nothing like instilling a little bit of good ole American tradition. Maybe we'll try some apple pie next...

hmm, what happens if I poke this person?

Nathan playing with Allyson and baby Calli

hee hee hee

Milk Allyson, Justin, Calli (not necessarily in that order)

Nathan was in awe as we entered. I think he was amazed at the size of the stadium and all the people. And when we finally entered our area we opened up to this view:


Yes, we were pretty high up, upper deck section 305. Nathan basically had this look of "Whoa" on his face. Until we sat down. That's when he became Mr. Squirmy Man. And here I was hoping that he would sit nicely on our laps and enjoy the D-backs beating up on some Yankees. But alas, no, none of that happened. D-back lost 5-6 in 10 innings...oh, sorry, ***Spoiler Alert*** I didn't mean to give away the ending like that...

A little break from the action

So Laura and I took turns walking around with Nathan and letting him walk the concourse. Being the wonderful husband I am, I let Laura take more turns than me (you owe me one Schmoopie). :)

Nathan seemed to enjoy the game, or rather the experience at least. Whenever the crowd cheered, he started clapping. And when there was music playing, he started dancing. And he really enjoyed running around the concourse. Oh, and poking the people seated in front of us.

Surprisingly, we actually made it to the seventh inning stretch. He normally goes to bed at 7pm and with the game starting just 20 minutes prior, I had only expected to reach the 3rd. Well that and Laura's love for the sport.

International sign for milk