Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas 2009

Santa came!! Santa came!!


Christmas this year was very exciting as we began many new traditions. Kicking off the celebration on Christmas eve, we made cookies for Santa - a new maple cookie recipe that has been an instant hit. Before heading out to look at Christmas lights, we put out our candle for the Pajama Elf in hopes of new pjs for our forthcoming long winter's nap.


Baking must have worn out the teenie guy as he slept through the viewing of the lights, but he was well rested as we returned home to see that the Pajama Elf had visited and left us all new pjs to sleep in.

Christmas morning we awoke to the clipity-clop of what I assume must have been tiny reindeer hooves, because really, what else could it have been that would wake us up so early. We made our way downstairs to see that Santa indeed did come and visit us last night. He munched on some cookies, drank his milk, and left us all a few presents. Nathan slowly got the hang of opening the gifts, but Sonoma was all over it, tearing through her gifts, preferring to play (tear into tiny pieces) the wrapping paper more so than enjoying her new toys.

Tired from a long day

A chair just for me

Babies everywhere


  1. About time!

    The picture of Nathan laying on you is super cute.

    P.S. That little girl in the last picture is ADORABLE! ;)


  2. I know, right.
    And, I know, right.
    P.S. I know, right.

  3. I'm you, or don't you know? :)