Monday, May 31, 2010

RO RO RO Your Boat...

Who knew installing an RO system was so easy. For the most part, this and the garbage disposer I put in the weekend prior were both just plug and play, or unscrew and use, such that it is.

Hole (in case you couldn't figure that one out)

So we had this hole that we needed to fill. Actually it was a rusty looking cap, but after popping that off, voila, hole. Anyhoo, Laura has been wanting an RO system for a while now and our in-fridge filter just wasn't doing the trick. So with summer fast approaching we needed a fix since Laura is a water connoisseur and she is about 97% water, about 37 points higher than normal, everyday humans.

Empty space that could be used for something...

Well, lo and behold, we had this hole in our sink and empty space that we have been debating about what to do with ever since we bought this place. "Hey Laura, what do you want to do with all that space under the sink?" "Hmf. I don't know. Can we convert into a closet?"

So, after years of debate, we landed on a "zero waste" RO system to deliver fresh, clean drinking water to all the people in the land, or whoever should stop by our house...when we are home. I say "zero waste" in quotes, because it is zero wasted water but only after you waste the first two tanks rinsing out the system. But I guess this is better than the alternative that wastes a few gallons per filtered gallon throughout the process. But still...


So seriously, easy to install. the hardest part was the faucet, only because it was an awkward angle to reach up into. All I had to do was screw in the faucet, add two screws to hold up the filters, attached the tubes, and BAM, done.

No more hole

Fresh water at the push of a button. The only bad thing is that the water is room temperature. I'm sure there is a way to run it over to the fridge to have cold water and clean ice - I guess I'll have to google that. Though with the fridge on the opposite side of the room, it may be a much larger project that the install itself.

Extra pieces???


  1. Seriously lol. BAM! Done. No more hole. Ahahaha.

    P.S. They threw the extra pieces in as a bonus! Plus to confuse you. ;)


  2. Alisa, I think you're right, they're trying to mess with me.

  3. I didn't even know they made zero waste RO systems. That's awesome! RO is much tastier that filtering through the fridge. When we built our house we paid extra to have a water line go from the sink to the fridge, but we have yet to buy an RO. (BTW - I'm a friend of Laura's in case you are wondering who the heck I am)

  4. Kristi, we bought ours at Home Depot for about $330, but it looks like Costco has the same one for $285:

    Definitely worth getting especially if you already have the water line to the fridge.