Monday, July 5, 2010


Golfing on a Monday holiday! Or as Laura apparently called it: Daddy Playdate

So we were kicking it at our 4th of July BBQ, like normal guys do... (see picture below)

Regular guys, doing normal guy stuff

and we somehow managed to get on the subjet of golf. So naturally, being great planners, we decide it would be awesome to go golfing in the morning. Here's a little reinactment of the conversation (which I assume is how most golf conversations go):

"Yeah, we should go golfing sometime. When do you want to go?"
"How about tomorrow?"
"Yeah, let's do it."

At this point wife #1 and wife #2 walk in.

"Um, Laura, do we have plans tomorrow?"
Laura: "Why? What are you guys planning?"
"We're setting up a golf game for the morning."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah, can I go"
Guy #2, turning to his wife: "Oh, yeah, we're going golfing in the morning. Is that cool?"
Guy #3: "I should probably ask too."

Our conversation was actually about how bad we are at golf, so it was kind of funny how excited we were to go out and play a round. Also funny, by the end of the evening, I think all the wives had identified a certain number of items for each of us to deliver to each other. Reinactment #2:

Laura: "Oh, you can take this tray back to Guy #4. The chips are for Guy #3 and the watermellon is for Guy #2"
Gary: "Really? You want me to deliver a watermellon? Why on Earth does he want a watermellon?" Seriously, I think she's was making stuff up at this point just to see what she could make me the wives had their own little secret game of "Let's see want we can get our husbands to deliver." Well played Laura, well played.

So with approval, we nominate guy #2 to find a course. "Honey, what was the name of that course I just golfed at?" And of course, wife #2, having not been at that golf outing, remembers and suggests googling it for directions. So guy #2 stumbles with the google search and offers wife #2 the opportunity to search for our golf course because "you're the better researcher."

So miraculously we manager to hook up a location and tee time: Monday at 8:23am. But we apparently forgot to tell Guy #4 the time and of course none of us exchanged phone numbers.

So in the morning, I get the numbers of 2 of the wives, you know in case I need to contact the husbands before golf.

We arrive one by one, but guy #4 doesn't show up and of course it's his wife's phone number I didn't have. So I call Laura for the number. No answer. So I call wife #4's friend to get wife #4's number to get guy #4's number. That plan worked, but guy #4 is at home because we forgot to provide the tee time. Apprently he left a message with Laura the night before (because of course he didn't have my number), but the message was just static-y and we just assumed it was a wrong number.

I would have more pictures of the golf outing, but I forgot the camera and I'm sure it's probably an unwritten guy rule for the golf course. There's probably a rule about writing about these conversations too.

Artist's recreation of golf outing: Apparently a swing and miss (which did happen, but still, c'mon! That artist is a jerk)

I did manage to hit a really great shot on hole 8. From about 50 yards out, my shot landed two inches from the hole. I even have a picture to prove it but it's on my phone and I haven't figured out how to upload it yet. But I do have two witnesses.

***Names were changed to protect Phil, Justin, and Jeremy***

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