Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thoughts From A Puppy...

I have decided that I will start a coloumn on this blog for my own personal musings. My dad took this picture and I thought it looked like the type of thing you'd see on a book jacket featuring the author or a marketing consulting website with a photo of the owner in a tan coat, maybe a black shirt, and a funny smirk. Anyhoo, I got to thinking, and I decided, why not write my own book. But then again, I'm easlily distracted, so a blog post here and there would be better. You may be wondering how I can type with these big paws of mine, but I have found an easy solution...Dad types.

For my first entry, I thought I'd write about my soon to be little sister (or brother, but boys are icky). I think it will be fun having a new play pal, even though mommy says I'll have to wait a while before we can play together. I'm so excited though!!! It's kind of like waiting to play wiffleball, I just can't wait!
Sometimes I go out to the back yard and fall asleep thinking about how much fun we'll have together...running, and wrestling, and...is somebody watching me? It feels like someone is watching me...hmmm, my super-puppy sensory perception senses someone looking at me...

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  1. Boys are not icky, they can run and wrestle the best. And they like to play whiffle ball, your favorite sport.