Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now Only $19.95...

So back in the day, let's say circa 1997, there was this movie, Trial and Error, where this con man is on trail for defrauding consumers. He offers a limited number of copper engravings of the great emancipator for $19.95 (I actually don't know what the price was, but let's go with $19.95). What the consumers actually received was a penny. Hence the "copper," the "engraving," and the "great emancipator" (Lincoln). As a side note, I think this was the funniest part of the movie, so I wouldn't recommend going out to rent it or anything.

Someone must have seen this movie and thought it was a good idea and began selling a set of full color coins that commemorate Barack Obama's inauguration. Apparently, these coins are just regular U.S. coins with a sticker stuck on them...all for only $19.95.

Now I figured the company actually created these coins (similar to the random things you find in cereal boxes or as giveaways at baseball games). I didn't think they were produced by the U.S. mint as an alternative to existing currency (though it looks like many insomniacs did). But I was amazed to find out that all they did was slap a sticker on the top and send them out.

What's even funnier is that they come with a certificate of authenticity. I wonder what they are certifying?

Apparently, there are several of these types of offers going on, all rip-offs, but I thought this was funny.

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  1. Definitely a rip-off and proof that you can make "a mint" on the gullability of people. The deception from the movie is funny but this other scam is just sad and at a time when so many are financially in trouble.