Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bee Afraid

So we are kicking it downstairs with Nathan when I see this bee on the window screen. As I slowly close the window, trapping the bee, I think, "I am glad we saw him before he got to us." With the bee successfully locked up and awaiting trial, I went out to play wiffleball with Sonoma. When suddenly, "Aaaa! A bee!" Yes a second bee in the house. So Laura grabs her trusty butterfly net and improvizes and transforms it into a bee net and captures the bee before tagging it and releasing it into the wild.

Weird, two bees in the house. Yikes! When suddenly..."Aack! Another bee!" Yes, a third bee in the house. This bee manages to evade the authorities, but we put out an APB on him hoping that he will be picked up quickly. Good thing they didn't get to 2-week old Nathan. After commenting on the situation, Laura and I both go back to our activities.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" I hear being yelled from upstairs. Quickly I dash up the stairs to find Laura and 100s of bees in our master bathroom (and a few that have advanced into our bedroom).

Yes, bees apparently began pooring out from behind our showerhead. The cover was loose, there was a hole in the wall, and a beehive in the wall or attic. Not sure how long they've been there, but they decided Saturday was the day they've been planning for their home invasion. So we closed the door and stuffed a towel at the base to keep them contained and ran back downstairs.

So not wanting them in our house any longer than the need to be, we began calling bee control companies (surprisingly there are a bunch). Also, not knowing if this was an emergency type situation (possibly African Killer Bees) I wasn't sure if I should call around for the best price or not? But since the first few needed to call us back anyway, we got a few price quotes before selecting. Apparently the going rate for bee removal is $175, as was quoted by several companies. So as we waited for the bee guy to come we kept an eye out for further advancement by the bee army, ready to retreat at the first sign of attack. Luckily, that never came, but the bee guy did, and we now have a bee-free home.

Point of entry:

I now have a great movie idea for Hollywood:

A horror film...Bee Afraid. A family brings home their newborn son while unbeeeeknownst to them a bee hive is planning its attack. Slowly creeping out while they sleep, one by one the bees emerge until the bathroom is swarming with bees. Bee Afraid...Bee very afraid. Opens Friday.


  1. Great story and interesting blog.

  2. This is a great write up of your adventure. Sorry you had this fun filled excitement. You have a bent for creative and humorous writing, I love it.