Monday, May 4, 2009

Keeping An Eye On The Neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch, Day 316, watch post #2:

- 8am - 2 kids on bike ride by - Threat Level: Grrrr

- 8:37am - No activity for 37 minutes, all quiet - Threat Level 0

- 9:14am - Noise outside, possibly my arch nemesis, Whiskers. Threat Level upgraded to Grrr. Note to self: Whiskers seems to be meeting with another cat. Could they be plotting something?

- 9:49am - Large brown truck stopped outside. Threat Level: Grrr. Man approaching with box. Upgrade Threat Level to Woof. Man closes in on entry way. Engage warning growl. Doorbell!!! Threat Level: BARK!!! BARK!!!

- 10:22am - All quiet. I think I'll rest my chin for a bit...

1 comment:

  1. What would my threat level be if I walked by? How about if I had Brady? How about if I had the dogs?