Monday, June 29, 2009

So I forgot to take a picture of this before recycling the bottle, so I just grabbed a stock photo, but I really did drink it...I just don't have the proof. Anyhoo...

As I mentioned before, this is our Sonoma wine that we drink in celebration of our wonderful puppy, Sonoma. I don't actually recall how Laura and I selected it, but I'm sure the region had a little to do with it. So how was it? Refreshing as always, especially in the summer. Not too oaky and light flavors of fruit - well it is fruit, so that doesn't really tell you much, so how about faint pear and honeydew melon (which to me barely has any flavor, so take that how you will). The honeydew melon is more after the fact. Laura has been buying a few melons after a melon comment I made. So after munching on some honeydew I was brought back to the chardonnay (no not literally, but that would have been cool - a melon time machine!).

Checking the back of the bottle suggests:

"Pleasing aromas of pear, mango and clove along with a hint of vanilla mingle on the nose of this classic Sonoma County Chardonnay. The well-balanced acidity wraps around a luscious core of pineapple, lemon and melon flavors and creates a creamy palate. The wine has a refreshing finish."

Well okay, I get some ponits for the pear and the melon, maybe bonus for being specific on the honeydew. Pineapple? Not sure about that, or the lemon, but creamy it was (-1 point). Given that this is a favorite of ours I will give it 5 bottles out of 5 - highly recommend!

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