Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sonoma!!!

Our little baby puppy is turning four today. I can't believe she is already four. I can still remember bringing her home, how tiny she was, back when Laura could still carry her (I still can, but at 75 lbs, not very far). She has adjusted well to having a little brother around who I'm sure will begin to torment her more and more as he gets more mobile. As it is, now that Nathan can crawl, he chases her around the room, but luckily he's not too quick yet, allowing Sonoma to slowly move away. Once he's old enough, I'm sure they will have fun playing together, we'll just have to teach both of them how to not share their toys.


  1. But sharing the puppy toys is sooo fun! (and not at all disgusting...) Peyton is already playing with our dogs toys as well... nasty. I think they are magnetic or something because as soon as she is on the floor, they end up all around her.

  2. So far we've done pretty good keeping the toys separate, but occasionally Sonoma helps Nathan play with his toys. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the sharing increases...