Monday, October 26, 2009

Zoo! Membership Has Its Benefits.

We are now officially zoo members.  It has been so long since either of us have been to the zoo, and I believe the last few times, it was for zoo lights when all the animals were sleeping.  Well, okay, not the nocturnal ones.  Or the party animals.  But I digress, we haven't been to the zoo to see the animals in possibly 10 years. 

This was also Nathan's first time to the zoo and we were so excited to take him.  On top of that, his buddy, Brady, and his parents We-Lisa and Shaun also joined us.  They are actually Platinum members, having been members for decades, so we let them show us the ropes, lest we fall in and get stomped by an elephant.

Nathan and Mommy

If you look closely you can actually see a monkey.  I know it's hard with all of the green around, but just to the right of the hot lady you can see the cutest little monkey face peering out.


Actually, there is a monkey in this picture.  No, really, there is.  And I don't mean Nathan.  In the cage just to the right of Nathan's cute little head.  Yes, just past the adorable baby.  Stop looking at the baby.  If you want to see the monkey, you have to stop looking at the teenie, tiny, widdle, cuddly....Sorry about that.  Back to the story.  Ahem.  Where was I?  Oh yes, the monkey.  I didn't have time to read the info, so it may not actually be a "monkey," but it is in the monkey family.  Maybe a distant cousin.  Twice removed.  Likely tossed out by security for an "item" throwing incident.

"Not my toes!"

Here I am feeding Nathan to the giant tortoises.  Actually, if the fence wasn't there Laura would have been eaten by not one, but two, giant tortoises because, A) she's slow (I keed, I keed), and B) despite their size, she didn't see them.  Nature might be on to something with this whole camouflage thing.

Fun at the zoo

And finally, the giraffes.  Nathan has been waiting his whole life for this.  He has a little giraffe toy, Sophie, that he loves and he was so excited to see a real life Sophie.  Though, the real ones don't squeak when you squeeze them.  Well, actually, I've never squeezed a real giraffe, so maybe they do squeak.

And that was our first family zoo trip.  We only saw a fraction of what the zoo has to offer.  We didn't even make it to the lions and tigers and (we did see a bear, at least part of one - he was sleeping).  Even outside of all of the animals, there are tons of other activities and events to enjoy.  Good thing we have a membership now, especially since admission runs $16 per person.  As long as we go more than 2 times, we will pay for the annual membership cost and since many of our friends have memberships, I'm sure we'll be back monthly, if not more.

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