Saturday, November 7, 2009

Observe & Report

Nov. 7th - Watchpost #5 - Guarding the new grass.

   - 8:54am - It's cool outside.  The ground is moist.  Possibly a light rain fell last night...or maybe just the sprinklers.  All is quiet.

   - 9:01am - Birds chirping, yet they stay away.  Can they still see me?  Must stay still and silent.  Can't let the birds get the grass seed.

   - 9:09am - The first bird arrives.  Must be a scout.  Will wait for main group before springing the trap.

   - 9:10am - A second bird arrives to investigate the grounds.  They seem to be communicating something back to the rest of the group.  Can't understand their chirpy-chirp language.

   - 9:12am - Multiple birds arrive.  OMG I can't believe they can't see me...this is so cool.  So many birds and no one knows I'm here. hee hee hee

   - 9:15am - I've been still for 5 minutes now and the birds have no clue.  I'm so sneaky.  I should be a ninja.  Ninjas are so cool.

   - 9:17am - Wow, these flowers are nice.  They have a lovely scent.  And they're purple.  I like purple.

   - 9:18am - What was I doing....

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