Friday, March 26, 2010

New Post, No Lion

Zoo trip!!! I took a little reimbursement day and hit up the zoo. What's that? What's reimbursement day? Well it's kind of like a vacation/personal day without all of the baggage. You see, my boss is so awesome that she reimburses me a little family time for business trips; hence, reimbursement day. Anyhoo...The Zoo!

"Hey, Simba, what do you want for dinner?"
"We haven't had tourist in a while..."

Well apparently there was a lion. You'd think I would have noticed that. Good thing they are locked up.

Animals...and there are giraffes in there too

Gary explaining Giraffe 101

It was a beautiful day for a zoo day: mid 70s with a cool, gentle breeze. And there was plenty of shade throughout.

"Um, Nathan, the elephant is over here. He's kinda hard to miss."

Joining us on our trip was our personal photographer.

Self-portrait of Lisa taking a picture of a Giant Tortoise. Man she's good!

She just bought a fancy new camera and was excited to do some more practicing. Actually, she was really excited about spending time with Nathan, but he's so cute, can you blame her?

My favorite shot

"Look! A Monkey!"

"Look! A Monkey!"

Connecting with the past

The end!


  1. Lisa takes awesome photos - looks like a good time was had by all - wish we could see and do more with Nathan too

  2. Love the pic of Nathan hugging the tree!

    Nice camera, Lisa!

    P.S. way to keep good on your promise! ;)