Friday, July 17, 2009

You Put Your Weed In It

I don't remember what that was from, but they kept saying it over and over until it became funny. Anyone know?

So summertime TV sucks. Nothing good to watch unless you are in to those "reality" shows. Like So You Think You Can Dance or I Want To Date A Large Person. Thank god for TV shows on DVD. I think we started with Rome and The Tudors last year, both HBO shows, I believe, that we wouldn't have seen otherwise. I would recommend both, but each season is fairly short and Rome only lasted two seasons, so they won't get you through the whole summer. We then proceeded to catch up with the rest of the world on Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives (we had to see what all the fuss was about). But now we were looking for a new show to watch and we came across Weeds, partially from the description, but more so from the cast - the main character appeared on the best TV show ever, The West Wing!!!!! Okay, best drama, Seinfeld was pretty darn good.

After one weekend we are already on season two. A quick overview: Widow mon of two sells weed to support her family. No it's not a role model show, but it is freakin' funny and original. I think it is in its fifth season sow, so this should keep us busy for at least another week or so. I would recommend checking it out unless you are overly offended by drug references.

And if you haven't seen The West Wing, you're missing out. Definitely put it on the top of your list if you love intelligent dramas that bring the funny.

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