Sunday, January 4, 2009

'08 In A Nutshell...with pictures

*Note: The beginning of your actual letter should read 2008. Please correct on your copy.

Happy New Year!!

2008 began with a new venture, The Charmed Paperie. Laura started her own business creating customized invitations, announcements, and party favors. She had several clients this year including someone from the east coast that stumbled across her website. In addition, Laura received a GK-12 fellowship from the National Science Foundation, through which she attends an 8th grade science class helping the teacher to teach science the way it is actually conducted and helping the students learn the process of science. After beginning the year in a 7th grade class with possibly the worst teacher west of the Mississippi, she was transferred to an 8th grade class at a school closer to home with possibly the best teacher east of the left coast. She is quite excited to be working with the students and she even learned how to start fires with a magnifying glass from one of them.

In June we went to Barbados to get our pirate on for a week long vacation of pillaging and plundering and to learn the rum trade. Can I get an ‘Arrrrgh!’? Unfortunately, we were about 300 years too late. On the plus side, we did have a great time, but we were pillaged and plundered ourselves – while snorkeling on our last day, some of our items on the beach turned up missing: Gary’s floppy hat, Chipotle t-shirt, and sunglasses, our used disposable underwater camera, Laura’s half eaten trail mix. Luckily we were left with the bag that all of our stuff was stuffed in, our sandals, and all of Laura’s clothes (forensic evidence suggests a topless, bald photographer with sensitive eyes who needed a snack). We toured the world’s oldest rum producer, Mount Gay Rum. The tour was alright but at the end we were allowed to jump behind their bar and create our own concoctions with a bunch of sampling. The best part of the trip (that we knew about at the time) was our first scuba-diving exploration. Snorkeling is great and all, but scuba-diving was 10 times better. We highly recommend it to everyone, assuming you are near water, preferably an ocean. Not so much fun on land, of course we never tried that so who knows…

One little souvenir that we came back with is the world’s first Bugamoo. And with some loving care and time (about nine months) we will have a baby. But you all know that, so moving on…just kidding! We are incredibly excited about our first people baby, heretofore and hereafter referred as Bugamoo. We will be finding out the sex in a few months when the little one is born. We are targeting March 24th seeing as how we don’t have plans for that day yet. Laura’s experience has been quite eventful as the first trimester was filled with nausea and the second trimester provided 4 dislocated ribs due to a few violent coughing fits. We are now in the final trimester (3rd for those of you keeping track at home) and the Bugamoo is moving around like crazy! constantly, like all day long. We’re not exactly sure if this kid is ever gonna sleep. We are quite grateful for our friends who have been very helpful, loaning Laura some maternity clothes and some baby items.

Sonoma’s 3rd birthday party was held at the beginning of October and the trend of having new friends attend has stuck (not only is she brilliant but popular too!). This year we were joined by some of her favorite human friends who came by to wish her a happy day without even bringing their puppies. The puppies had lots of fun and we look forward to next year being bigger and better.

In October we created our fifth annual Haunted Garage for Halloween. While it was fun, we were scrambling at the last minute to find monsters. Luckily, Sonoma’s fabulous Dr. (Karin Burns at whoop whoop!) helped us out last minute along with Gary’s sister and Laura’s family.

Well that is about it for us and oh my gosh, did Sonoma just eat 25 strawberry cupcakes?!?!?! 25!!!! Paper and all!!! 25!!! Yea, Sonoma seriously ate 25 strawberry cupcakes in all of the holiday baking fuss. The benefit of her insanity was that she was actually mellow for an entire evening. We’ve decided to give her strawberry blond highlights to commemorate the occasion.

Lastly, we’ll be trying our hand in blogging, so for those of you who wish to follow us online (not in a creepy way) you can checkout

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