Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Great Refrigerator Calamity Of 2009!

hmmmm, what shall I have to eat? Let's see, there's um, no, there isn't any of that. Ohhh, how about, none of that either. I guess there's some water. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL OF THE FOOD?!?!?!?!?

"Um well, when I came downstairs, there was this ghost eating all of our food. Upon seeing me he got scared and left," stated the startled resident.

"But why is there no food? He didn't eat it all did he? I mean it was full," I said.

The spooked resident continued, "Well you know how when you are in the presence of a ghost the room gets warm? Well because of that all the food spoiled and went bad."

Confused, I probed, "I see...but don't ghosts and other spirit type things typically cause the temperature to fall? I mean that's what happened in The Sixth Sense and M. Night Shalamalamanahn said that was based on a true story."

"Oh, well hmmm, then maybe it was that pregant woman" the resident stated.

"Well, pregnant women do eat a lot..."

"I know, right!?"

"But still, it seems a bit fishy."

"No that's just the smell from the fridge."

Aaannnnnnddd, scene!

But really, the door didn't close all the way and all the food went bad.


  1. Why didn't the door close all the way?

  2. The fridge was angry that day. Apparently we pushed it one too many times and it finally pushed back.