Monday, January 26, 2009

Watch DVDs On Your iPod

I just thought I'd share a fun little application that I stumbled across to convert DVDs (or any other video file for that matter) to a format that will play on an iPod (any of the video versions).

The program is called Videora iPod Converter and is freeware as is DVD Decrypter (also available on their website) the software you will need to convert your DVD to a computer file before the Videora iPod Converter software make it compatible with your iPod.

The whole process takes about 2 hours per movie depending on your computer, but if your taking a trip and want to bring along a few movies, it is a nice option. Each movie file will be about 650MB so a few will fit on your video iPod and still have plenty of room for music.

DVD Decrypter will create 6-8 GB file that you will only temporarily need, but don't forget to delete it or you will run out of hard drive space on your computer quickly.

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